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Tommy HigginsGarage Door Installation

After we moved in to the new house I kept saying I was going to get a new garage door to really uplift our house. Finally after 4 years I made the call to Premium Garage Door Repair Woodbridge and scheduled my garage door installation. I am so glad I did, my house look great and the service was impeccable. Will definitely recommend.

Maddie RinghouldGarage Door Opener Replacement

The other day I was leaving for work when I noticed my garage door making a very strange noise, I thought nothing of it after the traffic took over my thoughts. That was until I came home that night and tried to open my garage door. Nothing happened, turns out my garage door opener needed to be replaced, it was well after 7 pm and I had no idea what to do. I called Premium Garage Door Repair Woodbridge who came right out and replaced my garage door opener right there on the spot. Thanks so much!

Jess LandisGarage Door Track and Roller Repair

After this past winter my garage door started making all types of strange noises, my father made it quite clear that I needed to call Premium Garage Door Repair Woodbridge. They came right out and inspected my whole door. Turns out my garage door rollers were bent and a few needed to be replaced. It only took a few minutes and my garage door sounded like new. I even scheduled a time to have a garage door opener installed. Thanks guys!

Dana MikosEmergency Garage Door Repair

Yesterday my mother in law called me at work in a full panic, she uses our garage door to get into our house after her physical therapy appointments. That day when she tried to open the door by using the pin pad nothing was happening. She went to the neighbours house and called me stranded. I called Premium Garage Door Repair Woodbridge and they sent a technician right out to my home. He met my mother in law there and repaired our door so she was able to get inside safely. Thank you so much for saving the day!

Patty HillerGarage Door Panel Replacement

Well I taught my daughter how to drive the other night, she did great on the road it was the pulling into the garage that needs some work. She went into the garage too quickly and the top of the car hit the bottom of the garage door causing the panels to become bent. Frustrated I called Premium Garage Door Repair Woodbridge, who actually came out the same day and provided with the a low cost estimate. They went right to work and fixed my door the same day. And now my daughter knows to wait until the garage door is all the way open before pulling the car in. Thank you once again!

James KinngerGarage Door Repair

My garage door would not open the other day, I tried everything I could think of to get it open. With no luck I called Premium Garage Door Repair Woodbridge and I am so thankful I did. Within minutes the technician was at my house he repaired my garage door and it now opens and closes just like it should. Thank You!